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Shirlyne Humphrey

Phone: (619) 602-5119
Email: shirlynehumphrey@shirlynehumphrey.com
Website: www.shirlynehumphrey.com

I've been teaching piano lessons for 30 years. I teach ages from 7 years old to adult and levels from beginners to advanced. Lessons are tailored to the parent’s interest of their child or the interest of the adult student. Being able to read music and know theory is very important and I emphasize this when I teach. I teach my students all types of music, which include classical, pop, gospel, blues, folk, jazz, hip-hop, soul, country and seasonal. I also teach how to play from a lead sheet and improvisation. I’m very positive, enthusiastic and energetic. I encourage and bring out the best in my students. I bring fun and excitement back into taking piano lessons!

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