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Mariah Gillespie

Phone: 619-866-5638
Email: mariah@msmariahsmusic.com
Website: www.msmariahsmusic.com

Mariah Gillespie has been playing the piano since age 5 and the harp since age 10. She studied music performance and musicology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

While Mariah was completing her undergraduate degree at U of M, she fell in love with teaching when she met her first student, Sarah Cattell, from Ann Arbor, Michigan. When she moved to Australia, she continued to teach with Yamaha Music for 2 years while completing her masters degree and working full time in marketing. She moved to California in early 2013 and worked for Qualcomm whilst continuing to teach piano lessons on the side. Finally, in early 2014, her passions persuaded her to pursue a full time teaching career. A member of the Amateur Pianists Society of San Diego, she enjoys performing in recitals, learning about early childhood education, and attending concerts at the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Mariah teaches in-home piano lessons throughout the San Diego area.

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