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Inessa Litvin

Phone: (760) 822-1941

Website: www.inessalitvinadvancedpianostudio.com/

Inessa Litvin, Russian-born pianist, graduated from the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Conservatory, where she studied with world renowned pianist, pedagogue and author Professor Vitally Margulis.

Before that she graduated from Special Pre-Conservatory School for musically gifted children in St. Petersburg under the guidance of Professor Sophia Hentova.

After graduating from Leningrad Conservatory, she taught piano performance at the prestigious Central School of Music in St. Petersburg, known as the “Lyahovitskaya School.”

After immigrating to the United States, she became a member of of the San Diego branch of the Music Teachers Association of California, working as an independent piano teacher at “Inessa Litvin’s Advanced Piano Studio.” After years of hard work and creativity, her students began receiving prestigious awards in international, national and local competitions. During the past four years, twenty six times students of this Studio won international competitions and were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York. Many performed with various symphony orchestras in the US and abroad, allowing for her unique pedagogical skills to become universally recognizable through their successes. A dedicated educator, Inessa Litvin keeps in touch with many of her former students.

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