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Dr. Tae Yeon Lim

Phone: (213) 377-8663

E-mail: TaeyeonLim80@gmail.com

As an experienced artist/teacher, Dr. Tae Yeon Lim uses a pedagogical approach emphasizing technical proficiency as melodic & harmonic movement of the music which succeeded in resulting radical growth of a number of students advancing from barely reading lesson book material to acclaimed performance of major composer’s main works. At more fundamental level, as a creative, encouraging teacher intuitively custom-tailoring all the basic teaching points appropriate to each student’s present rate of advancement, and his/her varied personality and aptitudes while the focus of discipline is on hearing/experiencing/creating the reality of sound using conceptual approach engaging your 5 senses w/ ample emphasis on tone, articulation, and phrasing that are in line with the authentic periodic style (“classical”, “romantic”, “impressionistic”) rather than mindless, manual repetitions.

She believes piano is the most beautiful instrument and teaching as discovering journey, collaborating with students.

Graduate of Manhattan School of Music on a scholarship and University of Southern California earning Doctoral of Musical Arts degree, she has also been teaching at California Arts University in Fullerton and at San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory as a teaching Artist.

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