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Bosendorfer - The touching sound

The tradition of Bösendorfer goes back to 1828 and the city of Vienna, Austria, still the company's home. Quickly after Ignaz Bösendorfer began production of the high-quality, hand-crafted pianos, they began winning awards and orders poured in from across Europe, Russia and Egypt.

The artists who believed in Bösendorfer instruments have been invaluable in building up the company's reputation. Legendary performer and composer Franz Liszt, in his time known as the "King of Pianists," was a friend and reliable supporter of Bösendorfer. In the past 175 years, countless other leading pianists and performers have chosen Bösendorfer.

One mark of an excellent piano is that its tone possesses a "singing" quality. Legendary tenor Placido Domingo puts a twist on that when he writes, "Sometimes pianists try to sound like singers: Me personally, I try to sound like a Bösendorfer."

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"Diversity of tone, richness of colour, the possibilities of differentiation from the finest pianissimo to the orchestral fortissimo, exactness and control in the touch. I expect all this from a piano. Inspiration and in-depth interpretations... for this I need the 'ideal tool,' a Bösendorfer grand piano!"
- Roland Batik


Each client has specific needs when it comes to selecting their piano, which is why we carry several size and brand options. From upright pianos to electric and baby grand, you'll be amazed at the selection our San Diego piano store has to offer.

If you're interested in a music store that carries multiple brands, we're proud to share that we're an award winning Yamaha, Schimmel and Bosendorfer dealer.

Our entire Greene Music family looks forward to helping you select the right instrument for your musical journey. Why go through a piano warehouse or outlet sale when you can visit our beautiful piano showroom in San Diego, Ca.