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"I purchased my piano at Greene Music back in 2004 and David, one of the most knowledgeable salesman , helped me with my purchase. I had a great experience working with David and shortly after I've sent many of my students to purchase their piano at Greene Music.

I've worked with all the salespeople at Greene Music and not only they are all very knowledgeable, experienced and professional, they also offer an excellent customer service to all the clients. They have the best team available for students who need someone knowledgeable to help them pick the right instrument and they do everything to make it a pleasant experience.

As a owner of Sally Piano Music, we work with students at all different ages, levels and expectations but knowing we always have the store that we can send our students to purchase their first instrument or upgrade to a better quality instrument, with trust and peace in mind, has been appreciated by our clients."

Sally Kafaei, Sally Piano Music

"Greene Music is my first choice for quality pianos in San Diego. I love their selection of Yamaha, Schimmel, and Bosendorfer world-class instruments and they have an extremely knowledgeable staff who answers any questions I have. In addition, they have a beautiful 100-seat recital hall that both members of the public and private organizations can rent. Our non-profit piano group, AmateurPianists, has hosted many of our live performances at this venue and our members always provide positive feedback about the pianos at Greene Music."

Glenn Kramer, AmateurPianists

"We visited Greene Music to buy a piano for our daughter. We were so grateful to get so much helpful information and advice from David, as we know very little about pianos. We needed a lot of help in trying to decide between an upright piano and a digital piano. He was very patient, knowledgeable, and honest and could not have been more helpful. We are very happy with both the buying experience and the price. We definitely recommend Greene Music and David to anybody interested in buying a piano. "

Alexa J.

Yamaha CLP685

“We were searching for over a year to find the ideal piano that met our goals. Not only did we seek to find a specific quality in sound, but also a specific style that would fit appropriately in our newly built home. David, and Greene Music, found the exact piano that we were seeking. Not only were we able to get a limited edition Steinway piano, we were also able to have the finish custom made. The end result was perfect for our family and we are grateful.”

Doug & Rosanna Forsyth

William E. Steinway Limited Edition

"Over the past decade and a half my family has bought three pianos from the store; we've always had wonderful experiences with the store, including just for recitals my instructor held in their space. The staff are knowledgeable and experienced, helping us select pianos that have perfectly suited our needs each time!"

P Yang

Yamaha CLP545, Yamaha C2, and Kawai upright

"It was a wonderful experience with Greene Music. The sales person Jaime was very knowledgeable and helped in selecting the piano. Helped in telling the benefits of different models which helped in selection. Also helped in delivering the piano at an earlier date than scheduled. The quality of the pianos are top class and very pleased with it."


Yamaha U1

“I am enjoying our new Steinway, so much. There are so many new wonderful sounds. I sometimes forget to pay attention to what I am doing, as I feel like an audience to this wonderful instrument. I am amazed at the ease of playing and the ability to shape the music. It seems that the piano does this all by itself. What a wonderful way to retire and get old — playing on such a wonderful piano. Thank you Noel, for encouraging me. I would not have purchased and enjoyed our Steinway if you had not been so patient and knowledgeable. Also, thank you to Ken and the other staff. Visiting Greene Music was a pleasure. We were welcomed and assisted very graciously and professionally by all.”

Tom & Mary Curtis

Steinway Model O

"We had a wonderful experience! The store had a great selection of new and old pianos. Thank you Taylor for being patient and knowledgeable. We're glad we found a beautiful piano for our family to enjoy at home."

Jeffrey & Janette Corpus

Yamaha T118

"Our piano buying experience was very smooth and Taylor helped us walk through the process and provided some valuable information that helped us decide and buy the piano at a great price."


Yamaha CLP645

"I was very happy with the piano I purchased from Noel at Greene Music. Noel was very patient in helping me to select the best Yamaha piano for our needs. Thank you!"

Karen Do

"I bought a used Wyman on 9/16/17. Ken Schoenwetter was the salesperson. He was extremely helpful to find a good and beautiful piano for me. He was very nice and patient to answer all the questions I had. The piano arrived our home yesterday and we just love it. Many thanks to Ken! "

Sherry Su

Wyman WG170

"Purchased a used Yamaha U3 recently from Greene Music. Knowledgeable staff. Referral to Keeper of the Keys, Conor Walton, to repair a slight blemish was spot on!"

Odalis Lee

Yamaha U3

“The Disklavier offers a much faster means of discovering and creating new ways to play. Its a wonderful source of live music.”

Steve Ahn

Yamaha Disklavier DC2 Mark IV

“We are delighted and excited to have our new piano. Noel was straightforward and helpful, without being intrusive. This being our first piano, his help and attention was much appreciated. We are grateful for Noel taking the time to come to our home, to check on the delivery and installation. In addition, he walked us through the use of the Disklavier. The music teacher recommendations were also quite helpful for two newcomers to the San Diego area. Greene Music came through beautifully for our family. Thank you.”

Robert & Susan Thompson

Yamaha DGB1KE3

"I had a wonderful experience purchasing my new Yamaha b3 piano at Greene Music during a special event. The sales rep. Taylor was very helpful and answered all my questions. Would highly recommend Greene for anyone who is shopping for their next piano!"

Vivian Yeung

Yamaha b3

"Everything went very well. It has been a long time since I have looked at pianos. The salesman Gary was very helpful. I was very tempted to buy one of the nicer models but loved the idea of being able to upgrade later. We purchased that day with no problems at all."

Geoff Shimotsu

Yamaha CLP625

"We had such a great experience at Greene Music. The salesperson was very knowledgeable. He helped us with our decision to buy a piano. We are looking forward to playing our wonderful piano."

Aneela Rodriguez

Yamaha Clavinova

"Attended the UCSD piano sale on Friday 9/15/17, was introduced to salesman Gary, explained what I had and what I was considering. 30 minutes later I left the building the proud owner of a baby grand!!! This is the 3rd piano I have purchased from Greene Music, always a pleasure."

Don Stampfli

Yamaha GB1K

"The salesman, Gary, wasted no time and took us to exactly what we were looking for. The finance staff were expeditious and we had the piano paid for and delivery arranged in minutes. Two days later the piano arrived and was installed with no glitches. We'll be back, thanks."

Paul Phillips

Yamaha YUS5 Silent

"I've known of Greene Music my whole life in SD. Noel helped me and he was extremely knowledgeable, a terrific musician, and really assisted me in choosing the right piano for me. I've always bought an old spinet, and upgrading to this gorgeous piano is a lifetime treat. It is modern, and narrow, and will show off my small living area beautifully, and add to it's beauty and charm (file forthcoming). The black lacquer with the sleek lines make it a spectacular looking piano. The touch and sound are absolutely like a real (not digital) grand piano. I look forward to many years of joy playing this quality piano. Thank you Noel, for all of your expert and kind help!"


Yamaha Modus F02

"I had a great experience. Taylor listened carefully to what I wanted. He was very respectful about my price range and found the perfect piano for my needs. I especially appreciated his recommendations. I definitely recommend this store!"

Suzanne Bacon

Yamaha CLP525

“We are very happy to have such a wonderful piano in our home. It adds a great deal of beauty and warmth to our living room. We look forward to filling our home with the sound of music.”

Doreen Ayers with family

Yamaha T118

“I’d always said that when I stopped teaching, I’d go back to the piano. Well, as soon as I did, my husband surprised me with our fabulous Yamaha baby grand. The minute I met Ken Schoenwetter, our Greene Music salesman, he totally got me, my interests and my love of music. I was really struck by his knowledge, and his own love of music, and the way he demonstrated the piano by playing it (which, amazingly, not all salesmen can do!). His enthusiasm is terrific — and infectious! Rock on, Ken!”

Pat Launer, Theater Critic and Arts Writer

Yamaha GC1

"We are very happy with our purchase. We wanted to upgrade from an upright to a grand piano. We took our time to do our research over several months and Noel was very patient and was very knowledgeable and gave a lot of good information. Ultimately we purchased the piano during a special sales event weekend and David helped us this time. The process was very organized and the delivery process was easy. Thanks!"

Suriti Achar

Yamaha C3X TransAcoustic

"We really enjoyed our buying experience with David who was friendly and patient. As first time buyers, he spent plenty of time with us explaining our options in detail and teaching us about pianos in general. Greene Music had a great selection of pianos to choose from and we are really happy with our choice. I would highly recommend Greene Music to any piano buyers for their great selection and wonderful customer service."

Omar Atayee

Suzuki Upright

“I have been a professional musician for the past thirty years and have never owned a quality grand piano. I took me two years of searching for the right grand piano, until one day I decided to check out the Yamaha Disklavier series. I brought along a piano colleague to play the Mark IV series and after testing the DC3M4, decided that this piano not only served all my needs as a conductor, teacher and coach; but also served my musical pastime of playing jazz. As a classical musician, the acoustical aspect of the Disklavier was very important to me-its resonant bass and fine touch being just some of my requirements in a good piano. But the digital aspect allows me to arrange, compose and even enjoy streamed digital music using both acoustic and digital aspects of the piano. Thank you, Yamaha, for creating the kind of quality instrument I’ll enjoy the rest of my life.”

Dr. Randall L. Tweed, Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities at Grossmont College

Yamaha DC3 Mark IV

"Taylor helped us select our piano and we couldn't be happier with the purchase as well as the whole buying experience. Taylor was knowledgeable, on all types of pianos and guided us through the buying process with no pressure and clearly was trying to find the piano that best fit our needs. In fact, after we selected a model, he showed us one that was still new, but an older version that met our needs but saved us money on the purchase. He could have easily sold us the newer version and we'd have had no idea that we could have saved additional money on our purchase.

We are very happy with our purchase and I'd recommend Taylor to everyone that is interested in buying a piano, particularly if you're new to pianos and need advice on your purchase. "


Yamaha CLP545

"We recently purchased a new Yamaha B3 piano to replace a keyboard for our kids. Since it is a big purchase for us, I asked my piano teacher, and she recommended Greene Music and a Yamaha piano. I was worried about the price but they had already heavily discounted the piano that we liked. I didn't feel like I had to do much negotiation to be satisfied with the price.

The sales rep was Taylor; he is very knowledgeable about pianos. Delivery was professional and it was done the next day; they carefully handled the piano, and made all the adjustments. We are very happy with our great choice and the beautiful placement in our home. I highly recommend Greene Music, and the Yamaha piano."

Wai Wong

Yamaha b3

"Greene Music was recommended to us by a colleague as having the best pianos and best service. Jaime Pecorella responded to an email inquiry within a day. From our first phone conversation, to all the time and patience he gave to us on the floor of the showroom, Jaime was a fantastic guide through the process of purchasing our first piano. He immediately understood all of our considerations and helped us prioritize and focus them all down to a more manageable and informed set, leading to a decision that feels right for our family. Besides his kind manner, he is a keen observer of how a family may internally negotiate and expertly (and spot on!) gave us time to ourselves to discuss alone and checked in on us often enough to answer small questions as they arose - i.e. we never felt hovered over, and we never felt abandoned. And he is a wealth of wonderful knowledge that we (truly!) could listen to all day about the history, construction, and origin of these incredibly crafted instruments. There is so much to learn, and he really made everything feel less daunting, and without any judgement on our lack of knowledge or the limitations we presented.

Additionally - and perhaps one of the trickiest factors to manage for us as we tried to make an educated and long-lasting decision - Greene Music has a kids play area with a nice selection of movies that was perfect for our 3-year old, along with blocks, books, a toy picnic set, and plenty of coloring books and crayons. This space was crucial! Thank you! We highly recommend seeking out Jaime!"

Alexandra M.

Yamaha N1

” I absolutely love this piano. I’ve played every song I know, plus all my drills and I am continuously mesmerized by the sound of the piano (not necessarily my sound of the playing - but that’s getting better too as my fingers get used to the weighted keys). I loved practicing even on the Casio but now it is pure joy. Some songs seem to be easier on this piano. I am so glad I bought it.”

Carol Scharf

Yamaha CLP645

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