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The Ultimate Digital Piano Event – The Wireless RevolutionCraig Knudsen

Remember piano lessons with that teacher who didn’t really like kids? Or practicing boring songs over and over until you just wanted to quit piano? Well, things have changed and with the help of new technology, pianos are more fun for you and your family than ever! If you own a piano, or if you’re thinking about getting one, don’t miss this piano concert on the latest digital pianos with performer and digital software wizard Craig Knudsen.  Craig will entertain us with beautiful piano music and will demonstrate making music more fun with iPad apps and new wireless magic for your piano that you won’t want to miss!

Craig Knudsen has been key in programming Disklavier pianos for the Piano Guys videos. Craig is a highly accomplished keyboardist and arranger who has been featured at Carnegie Hall, Universal studios and various television shows. He is listed as one of Yamaha’s top innovators in the area of music software and technology and recently helped Yamaha create two shows for Disneyland’s $15 million renovation to Tomorrowland featuring Yamaha Instruments.