“I am enjoying our new Steinway, so much. There are so many new wonderful sounds. I sometimes forget to pay attention to what I am doing, as I feel like an audience to this wonderful instrument. I am amazed at the ease of playing and the ability to shape the music. It seems that the piano does this all by itself. What a wonderful way to retire and get old — playing on such a wonderful piano. Thank you Noel, for encouraging me. I would not have purchased and enjoyed our Steinway if you had not been so patient and knowledgeable. Also, thank you to Ken and the other staff. Visiting Greene Music was a pleasure. We were welcomed and assisted very graciously and professionally by all.”

Tom & Mary Curtis

Steinway Model O

“I’d always said that when I stopped teaching, I’d go back to the piano. Well, as soon as I did, my husband surprised me with our fabulous Yamaha baby grand. The minute I met Ken Schoenwetter, our Greene Music salesman, he totally got me, my interests and my love of music. I was really struck by his knowledge, and his own love of music, and the way he demonstrated the piano by playing it (which, amazingly, not all salesmen can do!). His enthusiasm is terrific — and infectious! Rock on, Ken!”

Pat Launer, Theater Critic and Arts Writer

Yamaha GC1


“We are delighted and excited to have our new piano. Noel was straightforward and helpful, without being intrusive. This being our first piano, his help and attention was much appreciated. We are grateful for Noel taking the time to come to our home, to check on the delivery and installation. In addition, he walked us through the use of the Disklavier.

The music teacher recommendations were also quite helpful for two newcomers to the San Diego area. Greene Music came through beautifully for our family. Thank you.”

Robert & Susan Thompson

Yamaha DGB1KE3

“We were searching for over a year to find the ideal piano that met our goals. Not only did we seek to find a specific quality in sound, but also a specific style that would fit appropriately in our newly built home. David, and Greene Music, found the exact piano that we were seeking. Not only were we able to get a limited edition Steinway piano, we were also able to have the finish custom made. The end result was perfect for our family and we are grateful.”

Doug & Rosanna Forsyth

William E. Steinway Limited Edition

“I have been a professional musician for the past thirty years and have never owned a quality grand piano. I took me two years of searching for the right grand piano, until one day I decided to check out the Yamaha Disklavier series. I brought along a piano colleague to play the Mark IV series and after testing the DC3M4, decided that this piano not only served all my needs as a conductor, teacher and coach; but also served my musical pastime of playing jazz. As a classical musician, the acoustical aspect of the Disklavier was very important to me-its resonant bass and fine touch being just some of my requirements in a good piano. But the digital aspect allows me to arrange, compose and even enjoy streamed digital music using both acoustic and digital aspects of the piano. Thank you, Yamaha, for creating the kind of quality instrument I’ll enjoy the rest of my life.”

Dr. Randall L. Tweed, Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities at Grossmont College

Yamaha DC3 Mark IV

“We are very happy to have such a wonderful piano in our home. It adds a great deal of beauty and warmth to our living room. We look forward to filling our home with the sound of music.”

Doreen Ayers with family

Yamaha T118

“The Disklavier offers a much faster means of discovering and creating new ways to play. Its a wonderful source of live music.”

Steve Ahn

Yamaha Disklavier DC2 Mark IV